Mentally Uncensored!

Mentally Uncensored!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Helloooo!!!! Long time, no speak!! Well i am back, with a lot of shit on my mind!!

lately in the celebrity world, there has been A LOT of homewreching going on!! For example: Alicia keys & swizz beats, Monica & Shannon Brown & NOW in the latest news we have Fantasia & whoever he is (sorry i dont keep up):-)

But i dont understand why this is all a shock to us. In MY everyday life, i see this ALL the time! I know people who are happy being the side chick, in the beginning!

Now i dont knock a person for living their life the way they choose to, but i also dont like to surround myself with hypocrites!

So lets get this list going shall we.........

1. There is wayyyyy to many men in the world to be sharing one with another woman!
2. i dont have sympathy for a woman that puts herself in a position where she is the side chick & soon catch feelings, which will result into her feelings getting hurt! You know what you were getting yourself into when you decided to fuck with a taken man! A side chick never thinks about the future, they always think about RIGHT NOW! Right Now there is know feelings or attachments, they are perfectly fine being the side chick. In time feelings start to develop & the side chick start feeling she should have top rank just as the main chick! Thats where problems start.
3. One thing i cant stand is a hypocrite!! Let me explain to you what i mean by that! I dont respect a woman who never wants HER heart broken...............She never wants to be cheated on, but yet she can go and invade on a home & hurt another woman! why is it that what people dont want done to them, they will do to others as long as it somehow benefits them?
4. "she wasnt making him happy anyway!!!" - this is a line spoken by the side chick to give an excuse on why it is ok for her to invade on a relationship!! Its not your job to grade someone else relationship! There is also nothing you can do to make another persons relationship better by helping them cheat!! If a relationship is at its bad terms let those two people fix it or let it go! Because honestly if the relationship is sooooo bad you wouldn't be the side chick, because he would be single!!
5. I made mistakes before! But i told myself i would neverrrr put another woman in the position, another woman put me in! I remember how it felt when i was cheated i wish the girl who did it would have stopped and thought bout my feelings, and how it would damage me! I wish she would have put her self in my shoes for just a second!
6.) I do believe in karma...........i believe if you step in and wreck a relationship, when that time comes where you fall in love, someone will come & fuck that all up!

So ladies before you go and become someones side piece, just remember YOUR worth!! SHARING A MAN WITH SOMEONE, IS NOT HAVING A MAN!


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