Mentally Uncensored!

Mentally Uncensored!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


How can a man with NO legs teach you to walk?? How can a wealthy man with a gambling problem tell you how to manage money!!??

I have a major pet peeve of people thats so quick to give advice and either have NO knowledge of the subject................OR their situation is fucked up!! For me its like how can YOU give me advice that your clearly not taking your self!

Oh, how it is so easy for people to judge!!

Remember i had this rule: 90% of things in a relationship good & bad, you keep to yourself! The other 10% you choose wisely who and what you tell!!
If any argument or fight occurs in your relationship, people are not to far behind waiting to judge! Waiting to pick at it & throw in their two pennies.
This goes with life period!! There will be people with glass houses steady throwing stones!! If their not throwing stones, their competing with you, waiting for you to fail!!

Im saying this to say one of two things!!
1.) somethings (good or bad) should be left unsaid and private!! Not everyone need to know your weakness and failures & everyone dont need to know your blessings!!

2.)Before you start analyzing others lives, make sure yours is damn near perfect!! Dont throw rocks if your living in a glass house!

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